• Tuesday, 27. October 2020 02:12

Extended: The Premium Promo Pack!

With the launch of the Queen update, we announced a special offer for first-time buyers: the Premium Promo Pack, which includes Gold and special bonus items and is available exclusively through our ingame store. This offer was set to end today, but due to its popularity, we're happy to announce that it will be available for another 4 weeks, until March 16 at 10:00 UTC. Here's more info: Special Offer for First-Time Buyers For those of you who have not yet made a real-money purchase in our shop, we are happy to now offer the Premium Promo Pack with fantastic bonus items. This pack costs only USD $11.95 and includes the following: 30 Days of Premium1,000 GoldKeeper Horse Mount SkinThis special offer is only available through the ingame store (under "Featured Offers"), so log in now and pick up a great deal!
Source: https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/124551-Extended-The-Premium-Promo-Pack/


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