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Queen - Known Issues List [Updated 07.02 10:30 UTC]

Hello everyone, This is the current Known issues List with the Queen Update and the projected times for fixes for them Fixed with Queen Patch 2 (05.02.2020) Tier 7 Ocean zones contain an incorrect chance to generate low Tier fishIncorrect IP of Royal cloths and capes Fixed with Queen Patch 1 (29.01.2020) Windows 7 blackscreen and disconnect issueDungeon chest loot distribution and empty chests in Solo Randomized Dungeons Fixed with Hotfix 3 (25.01.2020) Avalonian Fishing Rods are not in the toolmaker and can't be craftedShift + Drag issue fixed and functionality enabled againIssue with respawing after disconnecting in Arena when signing up from a hideoutFixed with Hotfix 2 (22.01.2020) If you shift + drag a stack onto a slot with another type of item, half of the original stack disappearsIssue with hideout construction (see here: forum.albiononline.com/index.p…-Issue-Updated-12-20-UTC/ ) Fixed with Hotfix 1 (21.01.2020): Picking up a grown animal from a pasture will only give you a baby, unless it additionally also produced an offspringSometimes players would encounter a mount floating in a fixed positionSignup for Crystal League is possible, however the user interface has bugs (wrong error message and battle time upon signup, item icon sticks to cursor)Island Names are not showing properly in character login screenIncorrect date and description of Island MoveMounts without characters can be seen floating in some clusters No date yet: Issue with setting the DPS role manually -Talion
Source: https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/122762-Queen-Known-Issues-List-Updated-07-02-10-30-UTC/


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