• Thursday, 6. May 2021 20:10

Patch 3 Brings Hellgate Changes

The Call to Arms update in March brought a complete rework of Hellgates in Albion Online. Since then, we've been monitoring both player feedback and our own data, with the goal of making sure this system remains engaging, challenging, and fair for players of all levels. Today's patch brings numerous improvements and adjustments to Hellgate gameplay, including: Better 10v10 matchmakingGreatly improved matchmaking when chaining all Hellgate typesUpdated IP requirements and softcap, and mob behavior, for lethal 10v10 HellgatesAdditional Tomes of Insight in chests after defeating an enemy teamTo read more about these changes and the intent behind them, please see this forum post. Also in Patch 3 Faction Warfare Changes: better reward progression, updated boss behavior, and improved notifications for Faction-related activitiesNew chat commands for guild and party managementMobile improvements including increased maximum font size for chatNumerous bug fixes for both desktop and mobileFor a complete list of changes and fixes, check out the official patchnotes.
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