• Friday, 14. May 2021 10:04

Want to join the Game Moderation team?

Good day, everyone! With the addition of 2 new language communities in 2020 and the community growth we saw, it’s that time of year where we reach out to you, to help with giving back to community and improving player experience. We are looking for more Game Moderators for the following Languages: ChineseKoreanFrenchPolishRussianTurkish Additionally, if you're based in the SEA/OCE timezone, but do not necessarily speak the above languages, please reach out as well! Those who wish to apply should also be able to speak some English to ensure that we can communicate together within the mod team. Duties as a mod include, but are not limited to: Chat moderationHelping out with beginner and general player questionsTranslation of announcements to players where necessaryAnd being a positive pillar of the community! If you are interested and think you have what it takes, please send an email over to moderators@albiononline.com including as a minimum template, the following info: Character nameDiscord tagAgeLanguages you speakChannel you want to moderate (English, French, Korean etc)When you joined the community and how long you have been playing Albion OnlineAverage weekly playtimeWhy you would like to join the moderation teamPrevious forum moderation experience and duration of that experienceAny other experience you feel will be beneficial for this role Feel free to reply to this thread should you have any further questions. We hope to see your applications soon! - Mytherceria & Mod Team
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