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Queen Patch 11 - Known Issues [Update: 19th May]

Queen Patch 11 - Known Issues Android: We are ongoingly investigating crash issues and connection issues that can lead to a black screen. For updates, please see the following threads or visit the mobile forum: Android Issues - Possible fix *Updated*Queen Patch #11 - Mobile Player FeedbackMobile forum: Mobile VersionInventory is not accessible while using Marketplace or Black Market - Resolved with [6. May 2020] Queen Hotfix 11.1Mail UI: The ‘Select All’ button does not work; i.e. you cannot delete messages or mark them as unread when using the ‘Select All’ option. - Resolved with [7. May 2020] Queen Hotfix 11.2Android: The prompt to download the update from the old client is currently showing an outdated link - client must be downloaded directly from website. If you experience issues installing the APK, please uninstall the previous Albion Online version first - Resolved with [7. May 2020] Queen Hotfix 11.2BitDefender may block the launch of the game for some users. If this occurs, disabling the program and enabling Windows Defender in its place may fix the problem. - Resolved, more info hereAnimal farming pop-up cannot be disabled Resolved with [13. May 2020]Queen Hotfix 11.3Farm animal sound is too loud - Resolved with [7. May 2020] Queen Hotfix 11.2New building icons hard to read - Reverted with [13. May 2020]Queen Hotfix 11.3Guild member list can't be sorted by last online Resolved with [13. May 2020]Queen Hotfix 11.3Mini-icons in market mails can no longer be clicked Resolved with Queen Patch 12Issues with Android installation/updating - Resolved with [7. May 2020] Queen Hotfix 11.2 **UPDATE 8 MAY: A new Android APK is now available that resolves issues with updates not resuming after being interrupted. It can be downloaded directly at this link: live.albiononline.com/autoupda…-full-1.16.396.165930.apkIf you still have problems with installing the game on Android, please try the following: Fully uninstall the old client. Then, reboot your phone. Then try to install the new clientMake sure that you have enough free storage space on your device. To be on the safe side, aim for at least 4 gb (better 5gb) of free space before downloading the new apk.If you get an error saying that the app ist not trusted / from an unknown source etc, please check this article: androidcentral.com/unknown-sourcesThanks!
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