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World Map Overlays with Lands Awakened Launch

forum.albiononline.com/index.p…c81a568e1fe6be5e175d04fdc Hi all, The Lands Awakened update, launching on November 24, brings two new overlay options for the world map, which can be applied via the dropdown menu at the upper right: - An overlay showing relative Resource Value of each zone, for the resource and tier selected - An overlay showing relative Silver Value of the mobs in each zone Since these overlays are based on a zone's relative value, they require several days' worth of data to display meaningful results. Therefore, in order to calibrate these overlays, they will not be available immediately with the Lands Awakened launch, and will be activated several days later. We expect this to take place within at most 7 days of the launch (1 December at the latest), and hopefully sooner. We will update this post if the launch of these overlays needs to be delayed further than 1 week. UPDATE: This feature is being refined further and will now be launched in January 2022. New feature: Cluster Value Map Overlay will be delayed
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