• Tuesday, 27. September 2022 16:35

Consequences for Exploiting the Fame-Distribution Bug

Dear Players, As you might know, there was a bug regarding the distribution of Fame progress on the Destiny Board last Thursday, which was fixed with a Hotfix 4 hours after it went live. (link here: forum.albiononline.com/index.p…ribution-Bug-Consequences) Due to that, today at maintenance we have set back the Destiny Board for 500+ players who have heavily exploited this bug. This mainly includes players using a massive amount of Tomes of Insight, but also some crafters that created excessive numbers of items for affected nodes. During maintenance today, the Destiny Boards of these players were migrated back to the status at Thursday's downtime. This means that, for affected players, any Fame gained since Thursday has been lost. More specifically, affected players have their Destiny Board progress and Fame Credits reset to the state these were in at maintenance on Thursday 9 June. Any Learning Points spent since that point are reset. Learning Points earned since Thursday will still be retained. We would like to keep reminding players that we cannot tolerate the abuse of bugs. Exploiting this bug is considered a breach of our Terms & Conditions under section 15.5.4: Compelling reasons include for example (without limitation): If the User is engaged in cheating, use of bots, financial fraud or severe abuse of bugs.For that reason, any loss of progress, including the tomes or materials these players have spent in the process, is considered part of the punishment and will not be reimbursed. Sincerely, Nesnes & Dev Team
Source: https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/165367-Consequences-for-Exploiting-the-Fame-Distribution-Bug/


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